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  So, I've changed my writing style a bit; and, just to recap, last chapter, we ended with Neo and (Reader) preparing to go out and meet up with Neptune, whose bringing (Reader)'s belongings alone to an ice cream parlor. Yang, Mercury, and the rest of team JNPR all have a Voice in their head representing a reflection of a particular emotion (Reader) inflicted upon them; all six of them are slowly sliding away from sanity. Yang has two Voices to deal with! Can't wait to see how that'll play out! To you people out there who hate Neptune's guts and wanna drown 'em, then you'll be happy with this. If you actually do like Neptune, sorry, but I need some Neptune-bashing in order to advance the plot. Gonna want to credit my friend That-Irish-Guy for team HIDE, minus the E- BAJE and ATLS are entirely mine! Some more cameos and references ahead! Will (Reader) or Neo EVER make a move on the other? Like, seriously, this story's nearing its end! Will Blake EVER apologize? Will Roman or the Shopkeeper EVER make an actual appearance? Find out soon, on TOTAL. DRAMA-

Chris McClean: Hey, that's MY gig!

Part VII; "The Queen of Pawns"
Pyhrra's POV

  Hello. Miss Goodwitch and I are in the elevator in Beacon, going up to speak with Professor Ozpin. The two of them needed to discuss something with me, and it was apparently very urgent that I come alone.

Professor Goodwitch: Miss Nikos, what you heard last night is to remain completely confidential, understood?

  Right. (Reader) being related to this "Queen" has been unsettling. It almost kept me up last night. Oh, please do give credit where due. And then there was this Voice.

Me: Yes, ma'am.

(Reader) had caused this. I shouldn't have trusted him. No! Enough with this! The Voice has my appearance, only if you inverted her clothing and hair colour. Oh please, this boy has caused your team more harm than good. It was a physical -mental? Whatever- embodiment of distrust. You and Ren bothered to hide him and feed him, while giving him a place to stay, and look how he repays you.

Professor Goodwitch: I want you to try and remain calm throughout this. It may be...troubling...but the General and I spoke last
                                    night. This conversation is in your best interest.

  If I'm being honest here, I'm not sure how I could remain calm about this. (Reader) was a close friend to teams JNPR, RWBY, CFVY, HIDE, BAJE, ATLS, and even CRDL. He's probably exploiting your efforts to help him. Look what he did to that sap Jaune. And the rest of your traitorous team.

  (Reader) did something I wasn't very approving of, and yet it could have been a mistake. Oh really? This sounds awfully suspicious. The boy flees to you, Ren, and that blue-haired idiot, looking for a place near you guys, yet out of sight. That happens to be a meeting place for the teachers. Then the boy just runs off without explanation, only to show up, defending criminals, calling US the bad guys, and blasts six people with a wave of emotion.

Professor Goodwitch: I trust you would like to know about (Reader) first? Or, would you like to know something else first?
                                    Maybe the Story of the Ma- *sigh*, no, we can't tell you that...hmm...

  This was the problem. The teachers were just so secretive. Still, Miss Goodwitch was probably the closest to a maternal figure here. Remember, guard up. Just like in training. Life is a free-for-all battle. Allies are only there until the end, where they stab you in the back and laugh. If even Miss Goodwitch was having trouble telling me things, then this was quite the secret.

Me: Ma'am, I would love to hear (Reader)'s standing with you all right now. Would it be right to help him still?

Professor Goodwitch: If you can locate your friend, I don't see why not. Unfortunately, your team seems to have a problem, no?

The elevator stopped, and the bell rung. Saved by the bell. My team was trying our best to hide these Voices from the teachers all morning. We haven't been very trustworthy towards Professor Ozpin since I relayed the brief explanation I wormed out.



Ozpin: I told you, James, he was camping out in here.

Ironwood: And where's he now, Oz?! Where?! Qrow has recently informed me that the Queen officially has her "rook," or at least
                  will soon! And here your student is, "THE ROOK," MISSING!!! You had ONE job, Oz, ONE! Now, the Atlas Military is
                  taking over investigations. And you better hope we're successful in recapturing your student! Because if we lose him,
                  Beacon falls, and Atlas falls, and Shade falls! Soon, whoever this Queen is, will have the power of the Maidens! And
                  your student has the key to neutralizing that power!

Ozpin: James, I-

  I slowly crept behind the door, sure no one could see me. Then, Professor Ozpin always had that knowing smirk.

Ironwood: You WHAT?! Lost our last line of defense?! If those powers get out of hand, I-

Ozpin: James, be quiet! I have a student outside! Pyhrra, come in! And pay no mind to what you just heard!

  When I did as told, I saw Ruby and Yang's uncle Qrow unconscious, with a liquor bottle in his hand. That drunken fool; always drinking himself to sleep. Good thing Ruby is fond of him- I wouldn't have known his name otherwise, professors Goodwitch and Port looking extremely upset, and Dr. Oobleck holding the remains of the handle to his coffee mug- which lay shattered on the ground. Is he...upset? Come to think of it, I'd never seen him anything but calm and collected. I wish I could try that coffee of his. That is, if it isn't steeped with some sort of alcohol.

  I also noticed Professor Ozpin looking extremely impatient and frustrated- his hair was a mess, and his green scarf was actually out of place, and General Ironwood had a coffee stain on his suit and a scowl on his face. Must've been from Dr. Oobleck, but why would he do that? And lastly, the lack of professor Peach. Then, she didn't typically involve herself with these things.

Me: What was that about?

Ozpin: Disregard everything you heard!

Ironwood: She needs to know.

Ozpin: James, Pyhrra may be an already excellent fighter, but that doesn't mean she's ready!

Professor Goodwitch: Oz, James is right. We can't hide it forever. We-

Ozpin: No Glynda, if you have to tell her something, do not tell her this!

Dr. Oobleck: Let's just explain part of it. Miss Pyhrra, which parts of the conversation would you like to hear?

  I saw Professor Port leading Professor Ozpin out of the barn. I hadn't thought too much of what they meant at the time, but now I could put my finger on it immediately. Only Professor Port was agreeing. Another one to be weary of.

Me: Well, what was that about (Reader)? And who is this queen? In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have been so blunt.

  The three looked at each other warily. This was what I meant.

Dr. Oobleck: Well, we can tell you about (Reader), but not much else. Are you sure?

Me: Yes. I won't relay any information.

  With my fingers crossed, hidden while straightening my hair, I probably looked a small bit untrustworthy. Well, finally. They've been keeping all these secrets from you.

Dr. Oobleck: Yes. Very right. Well, the Queen we keep referencing, is the person in charge of, well, Roman Torchwick's boss! For

  This was still a bit confusing. Is this what Jaune felt like when I explained Aura to him?

Dr. Oobleck: Well, they use chess pieces to signify rank, so we do as well. The Queen is the person in charge. She has her own
                     amount of pawns. Word from our very own Professor Qrow Branwen of Signal Academy is that there are five
                     knights, and many pawns. We cannot guarantee any other positions, but apparently your friend (Reader) is related
                     in some way to this Queen, and is "The Rook," after his sturdy defensive. All we really know about this is that if he
                     is indeed related to the Queen, he simply has, yes, has to possess a powerful offense to his Semblance. The rook in
                     chess is styled after a castle, known for powerful defense and, occasionally, offense.

Professor Goodwitch: And (Reader) has been spotted by your team, no? Assisting Mercury Black, a suspected Pawn, no less? Plus
                                    this Neopolitan is a known associate of Roman Torchwick. Roman and the girl are suspected Pawns as well.

                                   Looking back, this seemed more a warning than an explanation.

Me: I...I see.

Dr. Oobleck: Was anything out of place with (Reader) before he left? Maybe today when you saw him?
I should probably go to him if
                     I need advice. He doesn't seem the type to withhold information.

Professor Goodwitch: Yes, as he said. *gives stern glare in Dr. Oobleck's direction, to which he flinches* However, it is safe to assume
                                     the worst. James, I'm going to need to talk to you regarding-

General Ironwood: Well, alright. I didn't even ask and you want a date; score one for me!

And, cue her angry response, I thought back then. But now that I think back, I knew I saw Qrow was slowly staggering to his feet in my peripherals.

Qrow: Nice one, James. Just wish Ozzie was here for that. Speakin' of the guy, where is he?


  The night was pretty uneventful after that, and I got no further advice or information. The only other thing noteworthy from last night was opening the door to find Ren cornering Jaune in the corner, weapons drawn, and Nora guarding in the way. Another reason not to trust them. It's always the quiet ones.

  The strangest part was, he was talking to at Jaune, clearly thinking of someone else, and would spout something not even remotely related to what Jaune and Nora were saying, anytime they'd try to get him to stop. But when I entered the room, he simply walked away, and into a corner, muttering to himself about Blake and not approving.

Professor Ozpin: So, how do you think we should start this, Miss Nikos?

Me: Well, I-

Professor Goodwitch: Oz, Miss Nikos and I have spoken. She wishes to hear everything we know about (Reader) and his ties to
                 the Queen. Also, I would like to know why he ran way. His team didn't have any idea, and neither did teams HIDE or

  This was news. It doesn't seem she checked with RWBY. Then again, (Reader) and Blake WERE pretty secretive. Only Ren, RWBY, ATLS, and I knew of their relationship, and only because we caught them kissing one time. Team HIDE's Diamond Stone was probably the closest friend he had other than Blake. Why didn't he go to Diamond in the first place? Well, considering his sneakiness, he might've thought she didn't need to know.

Professor Ozpin: Well, to start at the beginning of what I know, team ATLS was returning from a mission I had personally
                             assigned them. Speaking of which, Glynda, I'm going to need you to replace the grades that team ATLS may
                             have had with exempts. From what I know, (Reader) went straight to his girlfriend's dorm, in team RWBY- Miss
                             Blake Belladonna.

Professor Goodwitch: How was I not aware of their relationship?! They acted exactly like normal friends!

Professor Ozpin: Well Glynda, surely you of all people would know how sneaky young people are.

Professor Goodwitch: No, no I don't. Care to explain?

Professor Ozpin: You, James, under the bleachers? This very school, junior year? Me in the background silently judging you two?
                            Ring a bell?

  I was rather confused about this, and why Professor Goodwitch was blushing, until I heard the last part before "ring a bell.  " So Miss Goodwitch had a sneaky side to her back in the day. And that IS a Professor Ozpin thing to do. Also, I'm sure you know this well enough, but there's another reason not to trust that bleached-blonde.

Professor Ozpin: Now anyway, he witnessed her cheating and took off. From my knowledge he requested the assistance of three
                            students in keeping him housed and fed- You, Miss Nikos, Mr. Neptune Vasilias, and Mr. Lie Ren. From what I
                            understand, after that he took off and left Mr. Vasilias to take his baggage somewhere.
                            Then you and your team met him on the streets of Vale, fighting with suspected criminals, no? I can assure
                            you that you know the rest of the story.

That wasn't too big of a reveal, but how exactly did Professor Ozpin know this? What is he hiding?

Professor Ozpin's POV

  Hmm...what to reveal without saying too much...they're already going too be suspicious on how I know these things. Hmm...Maybe I'll just leave it at this.

Me: As for (Reader)'s ties with the Queen, the best I can...tell you, for now, is that the Queen's true name is Salem. And
      (Reader)? Her son.

Scene Change

Neptune's POV

The Foregrounds, Beacon

  I left my dorm a while ago, and really regret not telling Scarlet where I was going. But then, (Reader) had told me to come alone this morning. I had grabbed his bags, and thankfully there were only two- a suitcase and a carry-on. Thank goodness today's Sunday, because I would look awfully suspicious wandering around with someone else's bags on a school campus.

Me: Oh, what a bea-utiful day. Glad no one's out here to see this. It''d be quite the story.

???: Then you best start talking, cutie.

  Surprised as...well, you know how this goes, 'surprised at the sudden voice, I turned around.' I just wasn't expecting to see my crush with her blade at my nose, and her blonde friend cocking her shotgun gauntlets. This is going to hurt a lot.

Yang: So, what's with the bags? I noticed they were (Reader)'s.

Weiss: Best explain, hon, before I have to damage that pretty face of yours.

At this, Yang began to crack up and lower her weapons. What is she on about? Does she have something against my gorgeous looks?

Yang: Hahaha! You're completely smitten, aren't you Weiss? HAH!

Me: Where's the problem there? What about this bod is NOT to like?

  And again she bursts into laughter, in the meantime, I sweat-drop and Weiss is a blushing and stuttering mess. I simply chuckled and walked away, but not without tripping on Yang, who was rolling on the ground with laughter. I...should probably talk to Sun about how to deal with situations like this. He DOES hang out with team RWBY more than I do.

  But then again, the morning after (Reader) left, he told me he and Blake had an argument last night and were no longer a secret couple. I asked 'Whaaat? Why didn't I know this, because I'm your friend?' and he was all like 'Well, we kept it a secret 'cause Blake and (Reader) were already a couple. She was cheating.'

  And then I responded like: 'But dude, it's the <AUTHOR MESSAGE: DON'T KNOW WHAT CENTURY THIS TAKES PLACE IN> century! Think of it! You! Blake! (Reader)! Share her!' but then he had to be all meanie-pants and say 'But that's not how love works.'

  And, coming back to the present, I opened my eyes to see something off-white. I could tell it was fabric, but the scream and laughter that followed soon ensured me what happened. Yang had tripped me on purpose, and I had fallen on Weiss, knocking her underneath me.

  Thankfully, for my own expense at least, I had only face-planted on her stomach- man, and it was firm like a pillow. I haven't slept well enough lately. When I got up, I was shoved back down, and I could hear Yang and some other girl's laughter behind me. I turned my head subtly and saw Yang and a deer faunus girl with long brown hair, hazel eyes, and a huge freaking battleaxe-spear strapped to her back, laughing their heads off. What was her name? Dieman? Diamond? Yeah, that's it.
  That is, she was laughing until, a girl in a pink dress and long blond hair and sunglasses stepped through a second-floor wall and floated her way down. (Reader) had told me this was Aurora Fluorescent, a member of team BAJE. I think she was a faunus?

Diamond: *sniff* I smell...spider *eyes widen*

  She wasted no time in hurrying away, and Aurora floated after her, giggling all the way. Oh yeah, Diamond was afraid of spiders, right? Then that must mean Aurora was a spider faunus. And the floating must've been her Semblance. Since...spiders can't fly, right? What if they can?

Yang's POV

  Now that, was fun. I thought to myself, giggling. I'm gonna have to thank Diamond for that! Too bad Aurora had to scare her away. Only negative part about today was that I could still hear these stupid Voices. You can probably see why I feel it's great to have such a laugh, seeing as it's the only thing that drowns them out.

Blue Yang: Why are you ignoring us?

  Great, SHE's awake. Hopefully that angry, red me is still unconscious. Earlier today, I asked Ruby to knock me out. She said no, but I have tricks up my slee- wait, hold on, no sleeves...I got tricks up my shirt. There. Neptune simply got up with wide eyes, and ran off with the bags.

Blue Yang: I WILL break out. *sniff*. I WILL take over. I WILL. Release your sorrows onto the world.

  And now she's being all creepy again. I mean, this doesn't seem like MPD, or something. So then how could it get out?
Shrugging of this idea, I lifted a passed out Weiss and put over my shoulder. And honestly, that smile is KINDA creeping me out here. More-so than that day we met Penny.

  So me, being the wonderful person I am, dropped Weiss off on her bed, and I saw Blake reading, still crying a bit. Her break-up with (Reader) was pretty rough on her, and that argument with Sun seemed pretty serious. I mean, I even told her the positives. 'Listen, hon, you got two boys fauning over ya!' Eh? Eh? Whatever. 'Neither's that bad looking. Why not keep 'em both?' For some reason, it hurt a bit to say that. And I could've sworn when I said that, my eyes earned a shade of blue to them in the mirror. But before Blake could respond, we heard a 'But that's not how love works!' from the hallway, and I'm pretty sure that was Sun talking.

Me: I hope she feels better.

Blue Yang: Yes. We do.

  I swear my face began to heat up as I said that, so I looked at my deactivated scroll and saw a...WHY AM I BLUSHING BLUE!? OR EVEN BLUSHING AT ALL?! And if I'm blushing, shouldn't it be over (Reader)? But then, he/s not here right now, and I'm thinking of...yeah, there
we go. Now I'm blushing normally.

  I ended up shrugging it off after the foreign colour faded, and visited where else? Junior's bar of course! I made a point of a few of Junior's men before punching the man of the hour straight in the you-know-where. After he called off his men, I ordered two of strawberry sunrises, before deciding: why the hell not? And downed what I'm pretty sure is 20% of my body weight with these little cups of deliciousness. Also, I'm about to pass out.

Blue Yang's POV

  I couldn't believe it. She ignored me. A piece of her brain. And now she's drowning herself in- wait. She stopped. Oh, wonderful, time to hurt more people.

  I hated hurting things. Buildings, people, even Grimm- they were all someone or something's creation.  But as for my Host, I could see through her eyes and hear through her ears. I could feel what she felt, and sense all her fears. But this was a pretty boring life, after not even three days of existing. I managed to find a few places to worm my thoughts into her brain, and I might've accidentally let my crush slip.

  Yes, I, a byproduct of two minds coming together, have a crush. And it's not even the same as my Host! Too bad...I, Yang Xiao-Long, have a crush on my partner Blake Belladonna. I guess it's another reason the Host doesn't mind Blake and (Reader) breaking up.

Yang: Hey, Junior, mind if I try to beat my record?

Junior: Listen Blondie, I'm down to my last barrels.

Yang: So? Do I need to pop the other one?

Annnnd we're using this threat. Thankfully he looks like he'll comply.

  Because of our "illustrious" reputation, he indeed complied. Thankfully for me, my Host was out cold after a few more shots. SO, I did the only thing I could think of at the time. Take over the body. Oh- wait. *sigh* I guess I can wait my turn.

Jade's POV

  So, I'm taking the trek from the school grounds to the mall; Coco and I had a little competition going to see who could get her teammate Yatsuhachi to blush the most in a fashion show, with the catwalk and everything. I am SO going to win this! While Coco was trying to woo him (and I'm sure there's no need after last week's wardrobe malfunction) over, I was simply doing it because teams BAJE and CFVY all had placed bets. I had Velvet, Fox, Aurora, AND Elec on my side. With these odds of course I'm confident I can win- I mean have you seen this bod?

  Coco only had Blanc and some 1st-year boy Azul. I mean, the cash prize for the winner is 120 lien, and I saw the cutest dress last week. Eh, I should...probably focus more on where I'm walking. Don't wanna take a wrong turn.

  As I walk past a little club I like named Junior's Bar, I heard a bar fight and look in to see that 1st-year blonde girl, Yang. Probably should be happy she isn't in the contest- I would not be surprised if she beat Coco and I both. But she sure has one heck of a punch. Yang was taking out Junior's goons, before she shrugs, stops fighting, and walks over to Junior. I could see he looked scared, so I crawled my way through the doors, and crept along the walls with my Semblance- invisibility, and I could freeze stuff I touched too, thankfully I had figured out how to control that last year. These camo gloves really come in handy- not to mention they're also quite fashionable.

  When I got behind Junior, I could see why he paled. Yang's pupils became (favourite colour) and her irises red. Her hair had lit fire and gained a few red streaks, and she had a grin I'm not sure I want to know why she has. I backed up a bit, feeling a bit scared- it honestly looked like she was gonna rape somebody. So of course I'd back away! I'm no coward, but I'm certainly no fool! I'm like bait! Just too good to resist.

Olive: Oh come on girl, you can stop being so melodramatic and narcissistic at SOME point, you know.

Yeah, I have DPD- dual personality disorder, but it's a bit hard to hide- only my partner Blanc knows of her.

Me: Can you shut up? I'm the original, this is MY body, and I act how I want.

I open my eyes, not realizing I had shut them, and see Junior on the floor, know, I'm not even gonna comment. And got up, deactivated my Semblance, and almost immediately received a Yang-punch to the head, knocking me back a couple feet. When I picked my head off the ground, Yang had completely changed her style- blue irises, blue hair streaks, tears flowing down her face, practically a whole different person from earlier. Then again, I never thought she could change her eye colours...Only person I know who can do that is Leo from that other 1st-year team know, I spend too much time interacting with 1st-years.

Olive: You notice that now?

Me: Shut up.

When I picked myself off the ground, Yang had dashed off to who knows where.

Me: *sigh* Dirty blues...

_____________________________Timeskip, bet you guys want some action, huh? Well here ya go!____________________________

Neo's POV

The Ice Cream Parlor, Vale

  We've been here for like an hour! But I've gotta say, I think I've taken a liking in my...hmp. Can't call him a partner or comrade. Gonna have to fix that. But would he mind? I thought, staring at him. Not sure how, but he didn't seem to notice me- he must really like his ice cream. Contrary to what most would believe, I don't really like ice cream too much- most flavours are just...ugh. Now, mint chip on the other hand...

  The doorbell rung, but I just ignored it. So what if there's more people showing up? I've still got plenty of time to-

(Reader): Neo? Neeeeeeeoooooo? Mercury just texted me he'll be in the park. Neo?

Then he got the "bright" idea to snap his fingers in front of my face. I'll have to "thank" him for that later. When I refocus my eyes, I notice that...wait, why is he so close?

He apparently realizes this too, and quickly backs away, blushing. I think. Roman didn't go to far into describing what kind of stuff to expect out of this sort of thing. All he really told me was:



Roman: Okay, Neo, this is around the time in your life when you should start noticing some things. Now, this is gonna be a bit
              awkward for me to explain, so I'll have Emerald do it and call me in when she's done. Good? Good.
Oh my gosh, too far
              back! Too far back! Great, now it's stuck in my head. This'll take a while to forget all over again...

Roman: ...think that does it. But then there's this other thing.

  Oh yeah. Back then, I could actually talk. Boy, I'd give practically anything for that again. And that'd mean forgetting my first boyfriend. Actually, I have so many regrets there, I wouldn't mind that. So long forever, S- oh right, trying to remember what Roman said...

12 yr. old Me: And that is?

Roman: Well, there's also this thing called 'love.' There are many different forms- a father to his daughter, a sister to her
              brother, and a husband to a wife, for example. Then there's friendship- a...less...potent, form of love, if you will.

12 yr. old Me: What does that mean?

Roman: Well, Emerald and Mercury are best friends. That's friendly love. Imagine Emerald has a crush on Mercury- and don't tell
              me you don't know what a crush is -this "friendly love" is stronger, more potent. When they become boyfriend /
              girlfriend, that is amplified. If they marry, that love is doubled, and I expect Emerald did the liberty of explaining that
              part for me. Anyway, if you need an example, think of it like a job. You get a pay raise every time something goes right,
              but you have to put effort into it. Get it now?

12 yr. old Me: Uh-huh.

Roman: Alright, any questions?

12 yr. old Me: Is love at first sight real? Miss Ravenclaw said it was, but she looked sad when she said it. I really should've been
                       paying attention to his face then; in retrospect, his face began to darken as I said that..

Roman: No. It's a fairy tail designed to trick young, impressionable people like you into thinking life's perfect. No, there's no
              such thing as a perfect 10 on your first try. Like a job again, you're never gonna get a perfect interview on your first try.
              But if you make the mistake of getting closer and marrying someone you don't actually love, it'll always come back to
              get. you. Like it did me...
I really could've payed more attention to his life. He looked pretty forlorn there, and I didn't do anything.

12 yr. old Me: Soo, can a faunus and a human find love? Em told me humans can love humans and faunus can love faunus, but
                        nothing else.

Roman: Well sweetheart, I personally think yes, if you're into that kind of thing. After the Great War, genetic splicing became the
              only way to preserve animal life. So pet animals were fused with our DNA- without that, we'd have lost almost all
              evidence of other species of life on Remnant. Faunus are the closest, and only, other source of life that possesses a soul
              here on Remnant- cat faunus, dog faunus, lizard faunus; every faunus is a crossbreed. In fact, even Grimm. Mankind
              became too powerful, and wiped the floor with the planet itself. Grimm were the result of some experiment some rich
            idiot thought up. But as far as I'm concerned, faunus have animal traits, but are still human on the inside - Grimm are
              not, and so we're all equal in my eyes...aside from fish faunus and Grimm. Everyone's slightly more equal than fish

12 yr. old Me: But why? I thought you said you weren't discrim- discramtor- discriminatory?

Roman: Heh, yeah, except fish faunus died out a few decades ago. They just didn't adapt like their pure-breed ancestors, and uh,            You know how a dead Grimm fades into ash? Well underwater, that ash doesn't disappear. It stays there, floating
              around. One of the reasons there aren't many pure animals nowadays. Swimming in aquatic Grimm ash is apparently as
              harmful as inhaling the ash of a land-based Grimm. So no, I'm not. I just try to look at the bright side of things.

12 yr. old Me: But what does this have to do with my question?

Roman: Oh uh, heh, got sidetracked. I guess what I'm trying to say is, is that if you can love what nature we have left, if you can
              love humanity, then there's no real reason you can't fall in love with a faunus.


  And after that, I really didn't get that much parental advice, what with Roman at his "job" he was referring to. Once he turned to crime, the life lessons stopped. I missed those.

(Reader): Hey, uh, we're here.

  ...Wait, why are we in the park? And why do I feel slightly bent out of shape?

(Reader): You can uh, you can stop being zoned out...

  ...After this, I realized I was slung over his shoulders, and decided to play it out that I'm unaware of my surroundings. That stupid oaf. How does he think he can get away with this?! What if he crushes me?! I'm pretty darn sure his arms are thick enough, those things don't actually look like they could crush me. Yay me! But then, how's he strong enough to lift me onto his shoulder?

  I then felt my legs drop down, and some pressure relieved of my ankles. A tall boy with bright blue hair, a red jacket, and...biker goggles(?) on his head walked into my line of sight. There was also that blonde guy from team JPTR- (JNPR? I really need to remember these names...) was tagging along behind them, crying and muttering to himself.

???: Hey, (Reader)? You sure your new girlfriend here's alright?


???: But, then...
*sigh* where do you want me to bring your bags? Miss ice cream's house?

How dare he-?! The NERVE of that guy!

(Reader): That's where she comes in, and no. I think. And like I told you earlier, we're only friends.

  After he said this, I felt...pain. It was weird. Like, being stabbed through the heart. What did Roman call it?



Roman: Ya I said earlier, love's wonderful and all that, right? It's warm, and fuzzy, and even gives ya that flutter in
              your tummy? Yep, that right there's a crush.

10 yr. old Me: Okay. But you also said it was bad?

Roman: Yep. Not a thing on the planet that doesn't come with a drawback. Not even crossbows.

10 yr. old Me: What kind of drawback?

Roman: Well, you know that flutter? It usually gets worse and worse, and can get painful when you see your crush, or love
              interest, hanging out with someone else, or, know what, I'll let Em tell you when you're old enough. If it
              ends up hurting, this is called being "lovesick."

10 yr. old Me: But what about Em? What can she tell me that you can't?

Roman: Well, from what I can tell you, the only way to make this stop, is to tell the person what's wrong. This is called
              "confessing." If the person doesn't feel the same, and your heart hurts...
Yeah, yeah, then he told me about jealousy, and
              heartbreak, and that kinda stuff.

  So yeah, I think I have a...crush? I hope not. would explain...some things.

???: Well if you're only friends, why are you blushing?

(Reader): Are you kidding?! It's so hot out today! And I have my hoodie on, and I have Neo here over my shoulder,
                 and I'm pretty sure she's snuggling into my back.

  Yes. Yes I was. Out of my peripherals, I see the blue haired guy observing my position. If I'm being honest, he doesn't look too bad. Of course, he's nothing compared to MY (Reader). Wait, what did I just think? And why did I just call (Reader) mine? We're barely acquaintances!

???: Are you sure she's alright? Her face is all red, her forehead looks a bit sweaty, and she doesn't seem to be in the most
       comfortable of positions. You know what, I'm waking her.

(Reader): No, please don't wake her; don't you dare wake her, Neptune!

Neptune: Too late.

  And what does he do? Poke my nose, that's what he does. I jolted up, and ended up knocking (Reader) over. Thankfully, I landed on something soft, yet firm...wait...

  "Neptune" started laughing like crazy, and I sat up and looked down to see me, sitting on (Reader)'s stomach, and him, winded. When I sat up though, that Neptune character laughed even harder. The blonde guy perked up, like he heard something, and shuffled away.

  There were some (favourite colour) bags on the ground, and we were in the town square. I checked my pocket for my notepad- it wasn't there.

(Reader): Hey, why do you look so mad? And...what are you looking for?

I tried to sign language the message. It didn't go through that thick skull of his. Before I could draw in the dirt, Blondie and that snooty Schnee princess barge into the alleyway, and I'm not gonna lie when I mention I'm a bit scared. I left my parasol in my room, my notepad too, and I probably also forgot my scroll. And it looks Neptune over there did too.

(Reader)'s POV

  I was walking, lugging Neo over my shoulder, with Neptune trailing behind carrying my stuff. I hope she doesn't mind, but we're headed back to her and Emerald's shed- Em texted and said I could stay until I could get someplace else to stay. Unfortunately, I was moving into Neo's room with her, so hopefully Neo won't flip out.

  Speaking of cutie up here, I'd just accepted by now that I had moved on from Blake, I wonder what she's thinking. Then Neptune decides to wake her up, despite my protests. When she jolted awake, I tried to keep my balance, but you may have noticed that I'm not exactly the strongest person out there. Also, Neptune laughing at was beyond frustrating.

  As I tried to sit up, I notice Neo sitting on my stomach, and her legs pinning my arms to my side. I tried to ask her to get up, but I was winded...Wonderful... When I could finally talk again, I noticed Neptune was laughing quieter, and Neo looking a bit upset, while frantically digging through her pockets. How is she so tiny and lightweight? What, was she starved? Wait, no! You shouldn't think like that about your soon-to-be-friend-and-possibly-more! Waaaitt....

Me: Hey, why do you look so mad? And...what are you looking for?

She tried to make some symbols with her hands that I vaguely recognized as sign language. But before I could question it, I hear footsteps from the alley we stepped into, and saw Yang, Weiss, and...DIAMOND?! But something looked off about Weiss. Then again, whenever I hang around Weiss with Neptune, she looks a little spaced out. Yang had...added red to her colour scheme? And her hair was certainly covered in more flames than I had seen on it before. In her left hand, hanging by the back of his collar, hung a teary-eyed Jaune. Diamond looked beyond pissed as she glared at Neo alone. Huh. Wonder why she isn't glaring at me?

Diamond charged Neo, and I tried my best dodge-yet-at-the-same-time-block for Neo, but- when you're up against your friend and she's trying to severely injure or maim someone behind you, ESPECIALLY if it's THE Diamond Stone herself attacking, then it isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. Yang just stood in place, her eyes flickering between lilac and red, while squeezing Jaune nearly to death. Weiss saw Neptune, and dropped her gaze to the ground, blushing. As I glanced in her direction, I felt as though a part of my consciousness tear itself off, but dismissed it.

Come on, really? You know, it's pretty damn obvious. Gonna have to do something about that crush, won't we, Weiss-cream?

'I know...wait...I didn't think that...'


'(Reader)?! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, YOU DOLT!!! Some people have SECRETS that they don't want REVEALED! AND DON'T CALL ME THAT!'

  At this point, I had to stop dodging to cry out and hold my head in pain, and saw into my Semblance, dismissing the Aura flow pointed at Weiss, not noticing I had a few more. Diamond and Neo looked a bit confused at the sudden cry, and the former faltered just in time for me to push her weapon away. Too bad mine's in too poor a condition to fight back.

  Weiss took a swing at me, and I parried, before my weapon broke. By now, I had taken to ducking and rolling out of the way, keeping Neo behind me at all times, and it was beginning to hurt my back with all the rolling around on it. I found a shovel and decided, Hey, I mean, she's going for the killing blow, and I at least deserve to win a fight with one of these! After weighing my options, and nearly losing my left leg from the knee down, I decided to bludgeon with said shovel. Needless to say, Weiss was more than surprised when a shovel head nearly took her hand off, and I mentally cursed myself out for tilting the shovel blade in the wrong way. I spun around another of Weiss' attacks, and tried to release another fragment of my mind, starting to get the hang of it.

  Only for my spin to land me in a death hug with my face pressed against two somethings...squishy?...YANG?! WHAT THE HECK IS WITH YOU AND DEATH HUGS TODAY?! I could hear someone gasp, felt an arm remove from my head, the sound of someone being punched, then something impacting a brick wall, and finally the arm placed on my head again, followed by bricks hitting the ground and a few grunts of pain.

'Oh hi, another Voice. Great.'

Who the- Yang? Wonderful, now I'm in YOUR head.

Red Yang: Well, whoop-de-doo-dah! Join the club why don't ya!

Blue Yang: Hey, (Reader)!

Yang: What are you doing in my head?

*muffled* I can tell you better with my face free. Now please, I'm suffocating for God's sake.

*pulls (Reader)'s head out of the death-hug* Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!

Didn't Yang add red to her colour scheme? I must've been imagining things.

*gasp* Oh my gosh...never...turn around...without looking...again...So, I noticed you have three different Voices in your
        head. I didn't know you were insane.

Yang: Actually, you created them with that blast of your Semblance.

Me: Oh, sorry about that by the way.

Jaune: So, we're done fighting, right?

I turn to see Diamond growling at Neo, electricity sparking around her Roman gladius (Not sure why, but she insists about calling it that- like what even are Romans? XD); Neo shivering in fear, trying to not get her head shocked; Neptune's lower-half sticking out of one of the tall brick buildings beside us; and Jaune...covered in bruise-marks? And is that a lipstick stain on his forehead?

  I quickly checked my Semblance. Sure enough, Yang had one stream of Aura directing into her. Before I could tap it, her colour scheme changed to blue, and she ran away. When Neptune fell to the ground, Weiss and Diamond glanced first at each other, then at me, Jaune, and Neptune approaching, and finally back at each other. Apparently, somewhere in all this, Neptune found a small, rusty metal bat. The two ran away, but I noticed a small smirk on Diamond's face as she did so.

  Wonder what that was for? Before I could comment aloud that something was suspicious, I saw Diamond run around the corner again, and hug-tackle me to the floor.

Diamond:  D'aww, sorry, I was just trying to keep that child from hitting on you, I didn't mean to hurt you.

Me: Okay, all's forgiven, but Neo isn't a child. She's just...vertically challenged. And mute.

  She frowned a bit at that, but wouldn't budge.

Me: Hey, um, can you get up?

Diamond then turned her head to the left and then the right,, and saw Neptune smirking at me, giving a thumbs-up,- I'm gonna have to fix that smirk to his face later - Jaune trying to wipe the stain off his forehead, and Neo gaping in shock. That isn't all she's feeling right now, is it? Not even 'want to help (Reader)?'

Activating my Semblance, I could sense...nothing? It's like I can't check her emotions...or she's just good at hiding them. And Diamond was feeling...what. Peering at Diamond, I noticed the emotions of pride, longing, and love, with a bit of sadness fading away.

  Seeming to notice my peering, Diamond looked back and smirked, before deciding to make a few advances I am sure I will regret following through. She cupped my face, and was closing in, before I saw a raging Neo bicycle-kick the brunette away, silently shouting. Too bad I'm a bad lip-reader. And she's saving my butt. Good thing too, I was hoping to save that kiss for her rather than Diamond. To me, Diamond was a good friend and nothing more. Clearly, she felt the same. Not.

  Although Diamond seemed to have understood Neo said, and smirked again. Before either Neo or I could do anything, she gave me a quick peck on the cheek before rushing away again. By now, I had sat up, and was questioning when Diamond could have developed feelings for me.

  And then Neo felt it was a good idea to sock me in the face -ow- before jotting something on her notepad, and showing it to me. Alas, I had no time to read it, as she blushed and pulled it away just as quick, to erase the note and write a new one. This second note was also not worthy, as the blush intensified and she erased that and wrote a third note.

Neo: What was that? Why did Blondie squeeze you like that? And wipe that off your forehead! Why did the brunette try to kiss
         you? And why didn't you fight it?!

Before I could respond, all at once my ears flooded with noise.

Jaune: Guys, since when was Yang in love with me and (Reader)?!

Neptune: HAH! That was GOOD! Ooh, the look on your faces!

Jaune: But I'm into Weiss. Not Yang, that would be so weird. I'm best friends with her sister!

  Neo was stomping in place on the ground, trying to make a noisy fuss.

*far away* Diamond: Love ya!

Acting as quick as I could, I sent out a wave of abashedness and shyness at the three of them, almost immediately shushing Jaune and Neptune, and Neo simply shifted to tapping her foot impatiently.

Me: First off, Jaune, what did you say?

Jaune: Um, w-well, there's a mark on your forehead too.

I decided it would be wisest to rub it off rather than traipse through town all day looking like an idiot. But when I did, I noticed that, compared to the rub-off on my hand, the lipstick on Jaune's forehead had a more...reddish...almost like a glow, to it- mine was just a simple faint pink.

Me: Okay. Next. Neptune. What have you to say for yourself?

Neptune: Okay, so I ran into Weiss, Yang, and Diamond earlier, and they might've followed me here...?

Me: Are you serious?! I told you specifically to come ALONE!

This guy. This guy right here. Is a grade-A douche-bag. I give him ONE job, and he does the exact opposite! Neptune then continued to explain himself, as coolly and calmly as ever. Asshole.

Neptune: Well, I mean, I didn't know they'd follow me here!

Jaune: That's bull-crud! I know Weiss wouldn't pass up an opportunity to see me in all my glory!

Me: Ig...noring...that statement, you should have checked your surroundings!

Neptune: You know, I'm not feeling too well appreciated here, bro.

Me: Then do us a favour, and drop my stuff right now, and leave.

Neptune: Well maybe I will.

Me: Fine.

Neptune: Fine.

Me: Fine!

Neptune: Fine then!

Me: Alright then, fine!

Neptune: FINE!


Me: NO!

As Neptune stomped away, I moved to pick my stuff up, and Neo simply followed. Jaune stayed back. I asked him to come along, but he refused.

Jaune: Sorry, I have a team-building exercise. And-

  He paused, before running away entirely. Strange. And why did his eyes widen mid-sentence? I felt someone tap my shoulder, and turned my head to see Neo holding her notepad towards me, her arms shaking and head pointed elsewhere sheepishly. And there were...several pages...When did she even find the time to do this? Then again, it IS a rather small notebook.

Neo's eyes widened dramatically, and she took a step back. Right. Stupid. Must keep thoughts to self.



  This is gonna be tough.

Neo's Notepad: Don't worry; I was going to stay here anyway. I was um...I'm just gonna tell you the truth. I- We, are the bad
                          guys. Em, Mercury, and my adoptive parents. My...

Before I could read any further, I failed to suppress a gasp at this statement. So...I helped a criminal get away? I also noticed that Neo looked a bit more nervous than before.

Neo's Notepad: ...My mother's our boss, and my dad underneath her. I honestly don't know why I'm telling you this, but my mom
                          also sent me here to keep tabs on you. I'm to report in soon, and I need to know that you won't tell of our base's

Well damn. I've been meeting the bad guys, and getting to know them, and I even had to share one of their rooms. What was I gonna do?

Neo's Notepad: ...location. I'm to follow you around night and day until I get an answer. And if I fail report in, or you tell our
                          location, my mother will- never mind that...

Okay, what. Getting a bit stalker-ish here. And what would her mother do? So what else to do, than question a sore subject, right? XD

Me: Hey uh, what exactly would your mother do?

Neo actually looked a little relieved that I hadn't read too far yet. Then a quick look of realization dawned over her, and she circled the 'never mind' part while frantically shaking her head. She also tried to convey a verbal message, but me being me, and me being terrible at interpreting signs, understood only "no." Meh, I'll read the note later.

Me: Hey, you can tell me, right? I mean, we're friends, right?

She sniffled.

  She F*CKING sniffled.

  THIS IS NOT one of those cliché confession scenes or hug and say 'it's alright' scenes, people!

< Heh, that's what you think >

  What's that supposed to mean?..Hello? Damn I hate that guy.

< HEY! >

  Hah. Suck it, dirt-for-brains!

  Neo tore out a new page from her notepad, and jotted down a few questions, like "are we really friends?" and a few "would you rather" type questions. There was even "could I have your number?"

  This question stood out the most. Typically it's the cliché "guy gets girl's number and is very excited" type thing. Not the other way around.

  Pfft. And you said this was gonna be cliché



< Azul: Okay, no more breaking the fourth wall. >


< MY GOD! CAN EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP! Back to the story! >

  She must not have had her Scroll on her; it would explain why she was digging through her pockets earlier. We decided we should get to know each other more, and sat on a park bench...that was inexplicably in a dark alleyway...XD

Sorry guys, the document's too large to continue this moment. It will be finished in chapter 8.

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