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Part V; "An Educated Explanation"
Neo's POV

So I was headed to a dust shop me and Mercury had decided to rob, and was already in disguise. All of a sudden, we both hear something loud ringing in our heads. Mercury ushers me into the shop real quick and I can see through the window two members of that Beacon team -RWDY? RWBY? Never pronounce that right- outside, also holding their heads. All of a sudden it stops, and the two girls are utterly LIVID with Mercury! HAH! Take that for making fun of my height! Then he's smacked away by Blondie, and Black Cat, as Roman calls her, suddenly freezes up and drops to the ground. What is she doing? I inquired, before seeing that faunus boy from two weeks ago backing away from Blondie...Only for him to run right around the same building Mercury was launched into. Heh. Idiot.

Then, I see Black Cat double over, for no reason, and her being dragged away from the scene by Blondie. By now I'm nearly finished. Either way, Mercury seems to have this under control. Soon, another Beacon group shows up, and get in a defensive position.

They don't even realize they're protecting me! From THEM!

But soon, Mercury and that faunus boy get out of the building, and that hammer-wielding-overly hyper-caffeine-addict-sugar-high-psychotic-I'm pretty sure she IS high-ginger girl runs around the block.

Wolfie, as I'd grown accustomed to calling him when mentioned, stood to the side and held out his hand while his eyes began to glow (favourite colour). Everyone on the field began to have mixed reactions.

• The inexperienced-looking one began to bawl his eyes out.
   Hahahahahah! Ooh, he does realize he's- heheh- in the middle of the street?! Haha!
• Blondie's hair, previously lit like a fire, was now flickering with disbelief and shock- not to mention lots of anger, as well as her eyes.
   Hah! That'll teach ya to mess with me!

• The boy with the pink stripe in his hair and...PYHRRA NIKOS?! were muttering among themselves.
   What is the Mistral champion doing here?!
• Mercury was doubled over laughing on the ground, much like me, not even caring how loud and ridiculous it was.
   Lucky bastard. He can actually make noise.

As for Wolfie, he had gingy with a hammer at his face. I immediately kicked open the shop doors, ran past Mercury's giggling fit, throwing the dust at him, and knock Wolfie out of the hammer's way, blocking with my parasol.

No one's POV

After the smoke cleared, all J_PR and Yang could see was an unconscious Nora with a bleeding right shoulder, and ash-marks on the pavement in the shape of (Reader) and Neo. Only Yang could identify Neo's imprint, as they had bad blood. Jaune and Mercury hadn't changed positions. In fact, it actually looked like Mercury was laughing harder than before.

Yang: Guys, I might have a lead. And they must've shielded the two of them before taking (Reader).

Pyhrra: Ren! And Jaune! Nora's unconscious and (Reader) is missing! Yang thinks she knows who shielded and took him!

After a couple seconds, Jaune had calmed down, and Mercury was laughing so hard he could barely crawl away, and he would have made it, had he not finally stood up to see Ren cracking his knuckles.

Yang explained it was Neo, and Pyhrra decided she could meet up with (Reader) tonight and figure out what was what.

TIME-SKIP, brought to you by chibi Yang and chibi Neo in ice cream booths next to each other, not realizing it

Pyhrra's POV

We had handed Mercury Black to team RWBY for questioning, and the rest of team JNPR was fully functioning and Jaune and I are finally together!

I wish.

We tried handing him over, and he simply slipped away, and I heard him calling someone in the hallway: "Tell the Queen, we found her Rook. And did Em find this "bishop" we need? No? Well, whatevs. Look, I gotta go. Jailbreaks aren't exactly an easy solo-mission."

Who's this "rook?" And does he mean as in the chess piece?

Jaune has several cracked ribs, from the breakout, Ren a sprained leg, and Nora was still unconscious. I myself could barely stand. When we were hit by that wave of emotions, I was hit by a feeling of immense betrayal, and immediately clicked the puzzle together. (Reader)'s Semblance's offense is literally lashing out emotionally. So we were each hit by a specific emotion. I think Ren got all the loss of self worth, as was visible since a few hours ago, Jaune got all the grief, Blake got all the longing, Yang got the anger and disbelief, I think Nora got the over-cockiness, and I got the betrayed feeling. (Reader) literally lashed out with his emotions, and they were still dealing increasing damage as time progresses.

On that last note, Jaune was sobbing too much to hear my question: "Jaune, would you like to go study together? I reserved a spot in the library?"

But alas, I guess? I got to the barn, and heard Professor Ozpin.

Ozpin: I told you, James, he was camping out in here.

Ironwood: And where's he now, Oz?! Where?! Qrow has recently informed me that the Queen officially has her "rook," or at least will soon! And
                here your student is, "THE ROOK," MISSING!!! You had ONE job, Oz, ONE! Now, the Atlas Military is taking over investigations. And
                you better hope we're successful in recapturing your student! Because if we lose him, Beacon falls, and Atlas falls, and Shade falls!
                Soon, whoever this Queen is, will have the power of the Maidens! And your student has the key to neutralizing that power!

Ozpin: James, I-

Ironwood: You WHAT?! Lost our last line of defense?! If those powers get out of hand, I-

Ozpin: James, be quiet! I have a student outside! Pyhrra, come in! And pay no mind to what you just heard!

I did as told, and saw Ruby and Yang's uncle Qrow unconscious, with a liquor bottle in his hand, professors Goodwitch and Port looking extremely upset, and Dr. Oobleck holding the remains of the handle to his coffee mug- which lay shattered on the ground. I also noticed A) Professor Ozpin looking extremely impatient, B) General Ironwood with a coffee stain on his suit and a scowl on his face, and C), the lack of professor Peach.

Me: What was that about?

Ozpin: Disregard everything you heard!

Ironwood: She needs to know.

Ozpin: James, Pyhrra may be an already excellent fighter, but that doesn't mean she's ready!

Glynda: Oz, James is right. We can't hide it forever.We

Ozpin: No Glynda, if you have to tell her something, do not tell this!

Dr. Oobleck: Let's just explain part of it. Miss Pyhrra, which parts of the conversation would you like to hear?

I could see Professor Port leading a frustrated Professor Ozpin out of the barn.

Me: Well, what was that about (Reader)? And who is this queen?

The three looked at each other warily. This can't be good.

Dr. Oobleck: Well, we can tell you about (Reader), but not much else. Are you sure?

Me: Yes. I won't relay any information.

As I said this however, I felt a prick of regret, since I had my fingers crossed, hidden while straightening my hair.

Dr. Oobleck: Yes. Very right. Well, the Queen we keep referencing, is the person in charge of, well, Roman Torchwick's boss! For example!

This just got a whole lot more confusing.

Dr. Oobleck: Well, they use chess pieces to signify rank, so we do as well. The Queen is the person in charge. She has her own amount of
                    pawns. Word from our very own Professor Qrow Branwen of Signal Academy is that there are five knights, and many pawns. We
                    cannot guarantee any other positions, but apparently your friend (Reader) is related in some way to this Queen, and is "The
                    Rook," after his sturdy defensive. All we really know about this is that if he is indeed related to the Queen, he simply has, yes, has
                    to possess a powerful offense to his Semblance. The rook in chess is styled after a castle, known for powerful defense and,
                    occasionally, offense.

Glynda: And (Reader) has been spotted by your team, no? Assisting Mercury Black, a suspected Pawn, no less? Plus this Neopolitan is a known associate of Roman Torchwick. Roman and the is a suspected Pawn as well.

Me: I...I see.

TO CINDER'S HIDEOUT, brought to you by me, because I can
No one's POV

(Reader) woke up with a massive headache, and in a warehouse, of sorts.

(Reader): Ugh...where...where even am I?

Emerald: Oh hey (Reader)! You're awake! My lil' sis Ne- uh, Nicole, saw you on the ground, and called me. I came and brought you to my place. Hope you don't mind? I...*slowly grows a small smirk* uh, Nicole lent her room for you to borrow, goodnight!

(Reader): Wait it's nightime?!

Emerald: Uh, yeah. You've been here a few hours. See ya in the morning!

And with that, Emerald ran off. (Reader) got up a bit, and saw the bed styled tri-coloured. The comforter was pink, the sheets were brown, and the blanket was pure white. And the walls were the same shades of pink but with two brown stripes reaching across the room. The door opened, and you immediately recognized the girl you helped out two weeks ago, in pajamas. She didn't seem to notice you until you cleared your throat. She looked like she had a heart attack, but didn't scream.

(Reader): Well, no screaming is a start. Hi, name's (Reader). I assume you're Nicole?
I think I honestly had more fun with this sentence than the rest of the story.

"But soon, Mercury and that faunus boy get out of the building, and that hammer-wielding-overly hyper-caffeine-addict-sugar-high-psychotic-I'm pretty sure she IS high-ginger girl runs around the block." (Me, my story, part 5)
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Mostly filler, but there are some humour points.
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