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Part IV; "Fight the Wrong Fight"
Nobody's POV

Alright, let's do this.
Is the only thought coursing through (Reader)'s mind right now. He had been well hidden for a good thirteen days, until Neptune, Pyhrra, and Ren were getting too busy to deliver food. So, he turned to thievery. (Reader) was walking through the streets of Vale, and had planned to maybe pickpocket that dark-skinned girl he'd been following. He had noticed her being a pickpocket herself, a good one at that, and she was easy to pick out with her hair shining through the crowd.

Alright, just gotta...shoot! The girl turned back at him and grinned slyly, before dashing off. At least until he felt his already empty wallet pull from his pocket.

(Reader): And what're you doing?

(Reader) had turned around to see her slowly pulling his wallet away. But as he spoke, she was already dashing off.

Emerald's POV

Okay, he shouldn't have been able to see through that!
As I ran and weaved, I noticed the boy slowly catching up. I thought up some other illusions to pull on him real quick. Hmm let's see. I, wouldn't work. Maybe...hraah!! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!

As I ran, I could slowly feel my sanity unraveling. What's going on?! And why do I feel more paranoid? I turn my head to see my chaser focusing on me, and he seemed to be concentrating hard. But, alas, he saw my shocked and worried face- Stupid, stupid; should've masked it- and smirked before his eyes began to glow (favourite colour) and I felt another mental onslaught coming. This time was a blast of fear.

As little as I want to admit, I shrieked, luckily in a far less crowded street than before, and dashed to a corner and started whimpering. What's going on?! Why am I acting like this? And why do I get a sneaking suspicion that the guy's still looking for me? I began to worry as I continued to hide. What's worse is...I feel like I know him. But I hadn't seen him before. So how..?

I could see him strolling around the street, searching around places one could hide, with my peripherals. He looked pretty confused until I felt a sudden ringing boom blast in my head.


As I covered my ears, I felt blood trickle from one of them. And then all of a sudden, the ringing, the dizziness, the fear, the shock, the worry, the paranoia, even the constant blasts of madness just come to a stop, and release my mind.

Me: OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH. My head hurt so much now.

Boy: Well, hand over my wallet. And by the way, are you alright? I discovered my semblance's offensive capabilities last week, and I hadn't
        really been training with them.

Well, dang. I was only a TEST SUBJECT?! Also, not sure he'll want it back empty as it is.

Me: Sure you even want it back? This is very misleading. At least put more than three dollars in it.

Boy: That...was all my money.

*sigh* Great. this guy is likely homeless, flat broke, and doesn't have any sort of ring on his finger. I mean, I have more than enough...Eh, sure. I could use a powerful friend. Just imagining the panicked look on those RWBY girls is hilARious!

Me: Here, name's Emerald by the way. Do you need somewhere to stay? I mean...Damn it, Em, why are you even suggesting this?! and I could join forces?

Boy: No, I- I'm good, thanks. Wanna trade contacts?

...This guy wants to be friends. Yet I pick-pocketed him. Why is he giving me a chance..?

Me: Oh, uh, sure.

After we exchanged names and numbers, we went our separate ways. And maybe, it would be best not to tell Cinder about (Reader).

(Reader)'s POV

Well she was certainly nice. I thought, as I walked through the streets. Just to be safe, I checked my wallet, and all was there, but there was also an extra five dollars. Someone was feeling generous.

After a little bit of walking, I hear the sounds of a fight. I checked the condition of (Weapon Name) and dashed onto the sidelines of the battle. I saw Blake and Yang fighting off this one guy in grey; Grey over there was basically breakdancing while firing off shots from his feet. So, still upset with Blake, I focused like I had with Emerald, and once again mentally felt around me.

Hrmm...That's a lot of minds around this time; gonna be a bit harder to target her specifically. Maybe, a blast of longing, and regret?

I focus my hardest on these two emotions, and prepare to launch a wave of it towards my ex. As I unfocused, I could see her immediately freeze and tense up. Yang, after punching Grey through a wall, decided to go hunt for people who could've caused it. Knowing what's best for me, I ran, as only myself, Emerald, and Neptune know my Semblance's offensive.

After about five minutes of on and off fleeing, I saw a warehouse, ran in, and slammed the doors shut.

???: Blondie after you too?

I whip around my head to see Grey.

Grey: Name's Mercury, you?


And what ticked me off the most all day, he simply shows a neutral expression and points his thumb at a hole in the wall. As I look through, I see...the street with Blake on the ground, hugging her knees. Deciding to be a bit more practical, I feed her a bit of home-made despair.

Mercury: Well, that's about the nicest thing I've heard all day,-

Great, he's snarking me. I can tell I'll be a fan of his.

Mercury: -but DA-HAY-HANG, dude! That you? What're you doing?! HAhaha, oh that was hilarious! Ohhh, it all makes sense! Haha, oh, YOU
              froze her up somehow, and just now, heh, YOU just send her a glare with your eyes all glowey-type, and just BAM! On her knees
              sobbing! Ohhhh that is the best thing I have seen in so long! So anyways, heh. What should I call ya?

Me: So that's what it looks like outside my head. Interesting. Also, this guy seems pretty nice. Wonder why Yang and Blake were fighting him?
       Maybe he's Yang's ex?
Hey uh, the name's (Reader). Uh, so why were those two attacking you?

Mercury: Oh. See I was headed to my uh, job, see. And those two lovely ladies tried to prevent me from making it.

Me: Their SUPPOSED to be the GOOD guys. Really? Where do you work? Maybe I can help ya get there?

Mercury: Oh, I work at that Dust shop over there. Also, what are you, one of their brother?

Me: Actually the one in black's ex.

So, after some talk, I tried to sense what emotion he felt whenever I spoke with him and he wasn't looking. But the strangest thing about it was that I could tell most of what he was saying was a lie, and he knew it. In fact, he was a bot worried I'd inflict something on him, and also a bit scared I'd find out he was lying. Just wish I could read minds too.

By the time we had arrived, team JNPR was waiting for us, and with Yang.

Yang: What?! (Reader) how could you join him?!

Me: Ever since you guys became the bad guys.

As I said this, I couldn't help but notice a ghost of a smirk stretching across his face. Eh, I'll work with what I got. Maybe he can help? I prepare to fire a wave of anguish and unawareness, but as I'm ready to fire, Nora's gone. Maybe she got tired of standing still? Oh well. I launch wave after wave at them. After a couple tries, everyone had a different reaction.

Jaune was bawling his eyes out.
Yang's lit hair was flickering like her eyes.
Ren and Pyhrra appeared to be trying to come up with a reason I was with Mercury and what my Semblance's offensive was.
Mercury was doubled over laughing and pointing at Jaune.
Nora was right above me with her hammer to my face.

Wait what. Aww cr-


Introducing Emerald and Mercury! Also, (Reader)'s semblance for this story. I'm just gonna call it Neural Shock. You can send waves of practically any emotion at anything with a mind and some form of Aura. Emotions in this sense include negativity, sarcastic thoughts, and even disbelief! You cannot, however, implant a part of you in another's mind, nor can you control or read their thoughts. An extension of your power is to sense what emotion others are feeling.
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