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Part III; "Streetfighters and Eavesdroppers"
(Reader)'s POV

So, to sum up the past few minutes, I glued Ruby to a wall and ran away from Beacon grounds and onto the streets of Vale. And then I go near a shady alleyway with brick buildings around it, you know, the cliché suspicious alleyway; and I hear three voices laughing, and the noises of a fight. So I head there, and what do I see? Some short girl lying in a mud puddle getting clubbed to the ground by a trio of brawny men wielding metal coffee mugs attached to golf clubs. So, not to stall jumping in, but dang. Did not think I'd witness a literal mugging. Better get out (Weapon Name).

(Reader): Hey you three!

The three men turn around and see me standing there with my weapon. Two of them look at each other, nod, and close in on me. Crud.

(Reader): Look, I don't want to take you down, so just let the girl go, and we'll all be on our way.

From behind the men, I saw the bruised and muddied girl slowly sneaking around them, towards me. Thankfully, she was pretty slow from her injuries; apparently too much so for the drunkards to notice.

Drunk1: Careful, boy. We're all armed here. 1v3. Pretty sure who's gonna be winning this. Sic 'im, boys.

Not sure how that sounded louder than normal talking; that warrants some checking. The other two began to advance. Welp, crud and crud again. Readying (Weapon Name), I switched it to long-ranged mode, and got a few shots on the two before they could come too close. Switching my trusty weapon into its melee form, I used my last ice-dust cartridge, and froze their legs to the ground, but not before disarming them. The guy who called the attack was probably too scared to face me after that pathetic display I put on. If fights are this easy out here, I might as well make a living from it. And then I saw a flash of (hair colour) behind me, and turned around, only for it to move again. I slowly turn my head to the left and see a (hair colour) wolf tail. I then put my forehead in my hands, wondering how that could've happened. Then I noticed something. At my fingertips.

The heck is this?

I felt closer and felt it. Them. I have wolf ears on my head. What the heck is going on?! Wait, didn't that voice say I'd come back?...Guess he meant as a wolf faunus.

I see the girl sitting against a wall, wringing mud from her hair and parasol. How did she get in such a situation?

Neo's POV

Okay, so I'm walking down the street, coming back from shopping, and these drunken brutes drag me into this alley, steal my groceries, and try to beat me. Now, stealing I get, but REALLY?! *sigh* I hate being mute. Wait. Why did they stop? Oh gosh, are they going to kill me?! Wait...yes! Someone heard them!

I slowly wiped some mud from my eyes to see some wolf faunus guy. If the guy was hiding his identity, he was failing pretty bad. His tail was sticking out of the top of his pants and his ears were sloppily hidden in his hair. I see him look my way, and decide to crawl to my parasol.

Thankfully those brutes didn't break anything.

As I crawl, I hear two shots being fired and ice dust being activated. Great. A hunter. Just what I needed on this fine day. Oh well, I can't fight with my fists, I'm unarmed; I'm short. *sigh* He can take me in.

I shuffled against a wall and clear my eyes so I can more clearly tell what he looks like. Hmm...(hair color) hair, nice skin complexion, thin shoulders -that's a no; seems at the least adequately intimidating. The wolf ears help him pull it off. And that face isn't too hard to- Hold it, girl. Where are those thoughts coming from? Ah, well. Might as well clear out my hair. Unless he's with that blonde girl. After all, nice-looking people get together with nice-looking people, right?. Better keep my eyes brown for now and clean up my brown hair.

As I finish wringing out my brown hair, I begin on my parasol and the boy approaches me. Are those...tear stains? Why's HE crying?!

(Reader)'s POV

With those guys dealt with, I approached the girl and saw her white coat torn and a broken golden bracelet on the ground- it was one of those that weren't designed to move. I had seen enough from Bla- There you go again. Stop thinking of her! Also, I'm pretty sure that girl's only clearing half of her hair. Oh well. I picked it up and handed it to her.

Me: How're you doing?

Mystery Girl: ...*raises left eyebrow*

She then goes to point towards her throat.

Me: Did...did they hurt your throat? If you need a while to talk, it's fine. Anyway, see you around sometime? And maybe I can fix that coat next we meet? Ta-ta.

And with that, I left. Of course, I felt bad. Then again, who wouldn't after tonight. I checked my Scroll and saw twelve new messages. They are:

Nora: HEY (READER)! SORRY ITS ON CAPS LOCK! R U OK?! LAZI TOLD ME YOU Lft your stff in ur nitestand. Wait I fixd caps! anyway are you
Ren: Hello, (Reader). I assume you received Nora's text? Cutting this brief, you left almost everything behind, wherever you are, and just know
         that if you do come back, you can stay in my hiding-from-Nora-closet.
Weiss: Hi (Reader), I noticed you took off. Next time you feel like pulling pranks on us, don't steal our blankets!!! I'm going to freeze to death!
            Anyway, please come back, and if you see Ruby or the bathroom key, tell her I said goodnight, and return the key!

Not sure how texting is interpreted as rude, but that, that was rude.

Neptune: Hey, bro. Azul's told me you left and forgot all your stuff. If ya need me to get some for you, just tell me where to bring it, okay
                dude? Anyway, hope you're alright! Btw I saw it too. I tried Sun's trick to get to the window and you opened the door at the same
                time I was at the sill. Sun's not off the hook for quite some time tho dude, so, thats that
Yang: Hi (Reader)! Now WHERE'S RUBY?! SHE WENT OFF 2 TALK 2 U AN DIDNT COME BACK! U better not'd kidnapped her...but on a brighter
           note, I hope your ok. I locked Blake in the bathroom for the night if u feel better

Yeah, not feeling the warmest welcomes so far.

Ruby: (Reader), could you give me a blanket? Or un-glue me? I'm so cold :( Yang told me she locked Blake in the bathroom when I texted her
           what happened (sorry). Hope you're doing well! And uh, not too

 far away. My fingers are freezing...

And que the feeling bad again. How about the king of half-arsed conversations himself?

Tanz: Where are you? Are you alright? What happened? Why did you run off? And please come back. I can't get any sleep if Lazi is sobbing
          herself to sleep.
Jaune: Hey (Reader). I know we haven't been on the best of terms lately, but I'm with ya if you need to tell anybody anything.
Pyhrra: Hello! I hope you're doing all right wherever you are, and that you have the best of luck. feel free to text your location if you need
Azul: Hi. I need to say that I disapprove of your actions. As de-facto team leader, I am thoroughly disappointed. Yes we were a mess before,
         but we had gotten attached. Lazi's too upset to do anything but cry herself to sleep, I can't focus with the constant sobbing, and even
         TANZ! Is fed up! He's gonna be sleep deprived! So if you're not back in three days, you will be unable to return. I have your stuff packed
         and at the door just in case.

Rude. And here I thought he'd support me the most. How 'bout Lil' Miss Lazi herself.

Lazi: Please come back. I don't care where you are or why you left, just please come back. Maybe I can help you get over your problem?
Neptune: Hey, so, Azul just put your stuff outside your door. Need help getting it somewhere?

Maybe, I could ask Neptune, Pyhrra, and Ren for help? And maybe Yang too? No, she's too much of a chatterbox.

Quickly, I make a chatroom with just the four of us.

Me: Hey guys, I'm alright. Also, I think somehow, I'm a faunus now. Don't know how, but I have the ears and tail of a wolf. Anyways, would
       you three mind helping me and not telling the others you're helping? And Ren, I would indeed like to borrow your hiding closet.
Pyhrra: I would love to help. Also, I have a hard time believing that.
Me: <image sent>
Pyhrra: W-well, then, alright. You were right.
Ren: Excellent. The closet is more of a small two-floor barn behind the school but alright.
Neptune: Oh sweet! And yeah, need me to bring the bags over?
Me: Thanks so much you guys, and yes please. We'll meet there and I'll tell you the whole story.

I then power off my scroll and head back to Beacon. Now I just need to hide from everyone. Piece of cake.

TIME-SKIP brought to you by Neptune struggling to lift one of your bags, and Pyhrra lifting three with ease

After we met up at the barn, I quickly moved in, and painted the walls of the upper floor (favourite colour). The upstairs was surprisingly enough, furnished. After about fifteen minutes of a summary, my visitors have to turn in for the night's curfew. Just as I get into bed, the barn door opens below me. I looked down to see Professor Glynda face-to-face with some guy, having a shouting match.

Glynda: We should be weary! We already have Amber's attackers to worry about! The power of the Maidens just isn't safe anymore!

Wait...the fairy tail is REAL? But that means...

Ironwood: But Glynda, we also have to keep the students safe!

Safe from what? If people are only hunting Maidens, we'll be safe.

Qrow: Will you two just stop arguing, and kiss-and-make-up already? You're making my permanent hangover more permanent and more
          painful. Plus I owe Ozzy forty lien if you two become a couple in the next two semesters.

As I could see from the rafters, Glynda and Ironwood immediately stepped away from each other, while both sported a rather large blush.

Qrow: Heh. Anyway, you're both right. How 'bout I follow Ironwood to Atlas, and bring team ATLS with me. I'm sure they can hold their own
          against a few Beringels and Gryffins. Plus, from the tips I've heard, the queen of pawns has a base closer to Atlas than Vale. Maybe we
          can use ATLS' Boy-in-Blue to carry us across the ocean if need be. And we can use Mirror-Girl's semblance helping us speed up. And that
          kid with the rail gun can really lay down a few Grimm of he tried.

Don'tcha just love when your teachers mention how important your friends are, but completely stop at you?

Glynda: And what about (Reader), James?! While his semblance has no offensive power to be shown, that doesn't mean he won't be able to
             help. And surely we risk attack from Salem's pawns if we leave him alone. We need to keep him from finding out, or we're all going to
             lose this fight.

Now what the heck is that supposed to mean?

Ozpin: Do not worry, I won't tell your location, or what they're talking about.

GAH! How did HE find out where I was?! And how'd he get up here?!

It was the two of us, in the rafters, listening in on Qrow, Professor Glynda, and this James guy's conversation. After I explained some of the story, he left, and by the end of the night, I only had a single question.

...But who is Salem?

                                                                                 "...But who is Salem?"                                                                                     

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Ummm...I really have no clue what you're talking about. But chapter 7 is at a new personal best and still not even halfway done! 4,379 words so far! It's extra long for all of you who think mine are all too short.
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                                                                                 "...But who is Salem?"                                                                                      

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Dra-Rad-11k Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Ummm...I really have no clue what you're talking about. But chapter 7 is at a new personal best and still not even halfway done! 4,379 words so far! It's extra long for all of you who think mine are all too short.
TornadoofNL Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017
I had to... Sorry...
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