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Part I; "From Shadows"

Hi. My name's (Reader). Or, you could call me a nightmare, your choice. In my opinion, I can only be called a nightmare when my Semblance activates. See, with it, I can endure hit, upon hit, upon hit, and keep going. Dealing damage, that's where my weapon, (weapon name) comes in. With it, I can-

???: (Reader), you alright?

Right. Of course. I'm talking to myself...again. I tend to do that with my...situation.

???: Hello? Anybody in there??

???2: Calm down, Azul. He's probably thinking to himself again. *muttering* He better not have a concussion...

(Reader): Oh! Sorry guys. Yeah, I was talking to myself again. Anyway, are we any closer to Beacon?

That's right. We are team ATLS of Beacon. Yeah, I know. The 'S' honors a fallen teammate I replaced when I joined. We were sent on a mission to clear out some Grimm in a town called Oniyuri; we couldn't clear them out and had to retreat early.

Azul: I'm not sure. HEY TANZ?!

Tanzanite (from pilot seat): What?!


Tanzanite (from pilot seat): We're landing, that's how close.

Lazi: Hey I am not! Also, sweet. Let's get to bed.

Yup, I'm a selective mute; it means people don't bother me often! And that's my team. There's Tanz, our leader in purple; and Azul an' Lazi; the step-twins -I prefer to call them "the blues," but whatever floats your boat.

(Reader): Aw geez it's late; I should probably see Blake.

TIME-SKIP brought to you by a chibi Azul and Neptune arguing over whose hair looks cooler

(Reader): Let's see...nope. Nope. There it is! Blake's dorm!

That's right! I'm dating team RWBY's own cat ninja.

(Reader): *muttering* Now, where's that key...Darn it Lazi-


The heck is that supposed to be? Oh, here's my key!

Just as I opened the door, I saw the room vacant except for Blake's bed, and it looks like she's having a nightmare under the covers. Stepping quietly towards her, so as not to wake her up. But as Reader steps closer, he hears...moaning?

Did she hit her head? It would explain the noise.

As I reached the bed and pulled off the covers, I see...

            SUN'S POV

Man, I've been looking forward to this for so long. Just kinda feel bad for (Reader). After all, Blake IS cheating; then again, not like it's a first for either of us. Ah, this bad feeling'll probably amount to nothing...Wait, what is that shuffling noise?

???: *gasp*

D'aww crud.

Blake: O-oh! H-hi, (R-reader). Wh-what are y-you doing h-here?

(Reader): I was returning from a failed mission to see my girlfriend. Now, I'm going to leave this room, and pretend nothing happened between us. Because it clearly meant nothing to you.

Blake: Th-that's not true!

(Reader): Then take a good look around ya, Kitten, 'cause that's sure what it looks like. And you, Sun.

Me: What? Here to shout at me too? Or maybe challenge me to a duel?! 'Cause if so, I will fend you off!

(Reader): Nope.

And the guy just backs away and somehow disappears. Would someone please mind explaining HOW THAT EVEN WORKS?!
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SomeFanficReader Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017
I like it so far, but I personally am not a fan of the whole cheater thing. People normally do the whole "beat 'em up" thing, and that's just stupid in my opinion. You didn't, and for me that already rases its quality. I also like the fourth-wall breaking character you have going on.
Dra-Rad-11k Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Why thank you! I don't have completely solid plans for Chapters 7-9 yet, so if you have any preferences, could you leave them on a numbered list for me? And if it helps I have plans for a Male Reader x Penny coming up, I ave the least planned for it, however it isn't a cheater one. I kinda diminished the fourth wall breaking a bit, until I put in Chapter 6. Bonus points, that guy with the red hair? That was supposed to be my OC.
SomeFanficReader Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017
I'll admit I haven't read anything last this chapter yet. I like to have a stockpile of stuff to read before I start the binging process, and I like to read the first chapter to make sure it is going to be a worth-while read. May not be able to give you anything assistance with those chapters.
Dra-Rad-11k Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, well; I probably won't come out with anything new for a while so that's good I guess; in case you do get to this, you can't get too far behind!
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